NEW: Performance Reference Handbook for the Boeing 737 now available as iPad app!


After first being released as hardcopy and later on as iBook, the Performance Reference Handbook for the Boeing 737 by Captain Maurits Hulshof is now available as iPad app! The all new and up-to-date B737 PRH app is an invaluable (electronic) reference guide for professional airline pilots flying the Boeing 737. It makes complex performance issues of big jets understandable and fun.

  1. Find it in the iTunes store as an iPad app
  2. Find it in the iTunes store as an iBook
  3. There is a paper version available too

An excellent handbook which finally simplifies big jet performance. Easy to understand, fun to use.

This excellent (digital) handbook is written for airline pilots flying the Boeing 737 Next Generation, but may also be very interesting for pilots flying other large twinjets, flight dispatchers and for everyone else who is interested in aircraft performance.

The PRH explains general performance regulations for large civil twinjets (performance Class A) as well as performance data and application methods for the Boeing 737NG in special.  Two editions are available: EASA (blue cover) or FAA (green cover). Even for those among you having computerized tools available for performance computations, the PRH may still serve as a source of information to keep you familiar with the full meaning of the calculations you have (or your computer has) made.

iPad application

The iPad app contains all a pilot or dispatcher needs to know about aircraft performance for large civil twin jet aircraft in general and for the Boeing 737NG in special. Due to commonality, the information in this app may also serve as reference for other Boeing types. Performance regulations of the worlds 2 main rulemaking agencies, EASA and FAA, are incorporated. The app starts up with the EASA edition set active but you can activate the FAA edition or switch between the two editions any time. 

With this app you can navigate through the explained (EASA/FAA) regulations in BASIC PERFORMANCE NOTES, divided into Takeoff, Enroute and Landing Performance chapters and also through the various performance data provided by Boeing in the chapters under PERFORMANCE DATA. In the DATA APPLICATION chapters you can learn how these data are applied based on the actual situation and also other valuable operational information is available.

This app includes the following features: - database keyword search - bookmarks for direct through-link - quick acces to five last visited chapters - text zoom - text markup - general dictionary - denotation for technical abbreviations - a glossary containing definitions with links to applicable chapters Furthermore you can add your personal notes and images or drawings to each chapter, and you can even add weblinks.


Find it in the iTunes store for only €13,99. Available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Hard copy

Or buy your (EASA edition, full color, coil bound, A5-size) paper copy for $50,-. For other paper or e-book editions please visit the website of Captain Maurits Hulshof.


  1. Publisher:
  2. Print Length: 125 Pages
  3. Language: English

I'd say: a must have for professional (B737) pilots!


19 Jan 2019 - 00:03

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