3 good Hackulous (Installous) alternatives

Hackulous goodbye

Sad news for the jailbreak community. The Hackulous team has called it quits taking with them the popular cracked app downloader, Installous. That's right folks, with Hackulous repo taken down, you can no longer use Installous to download cracked apps.

For most people, Installous is simply the most convenient and safest way to download cracked apps although it has its fair share of issues as of late. It gets the job done and highly accessbile which is why many people like it. However, Installous is not the only app of its kind. There are other methods for you to download cracked apps and now we will be sharing them to you. Here are the Top 3 Best Installous Alternatives.

1. vShare (aka App VV)

vShare (aka App VV) is one of the Installous alternatives that have been gaining traction as of late, and with Hackulous closing down, one can say that its popularity will surely skyrocket. It's easy to see why vShare became popular in no time. The design of the app itself is quite sleek and then there's the fact that all cracked IPA files can be downloaded via direct download links. So this basically means that you don't have to wait around before you can download anything or deal with annoying captcha images. The download speeds are quite fast and the apps are auto-installed.

The only real disadvantage that vShare has is that it is made mostly in Chinese, which is clearly not catered to English users. However, finding apps is still pretty easy. To search for the app that you want, simply tap the magnifying glass icon and input your query. When the search results are in, just tap the Install button and that's pretty much it.

You can download vShare by adding the following repository in Cydia:


CAUTION: vShare is currently experiencing bandwidth problems which is likely due to the surge of visitors looking for Installous alternatives. According to their website, they will be upgrading their servers in order to accommodate the growing numbers of vShare users.

2. AppCake

While it is true that Installous is the pioneer application for downloading apps for free, it is not exactly free of issues. Long waiting times, cryptic Captcha images, Invalid and Unavailable IPA errors, and many others are just some of the issues when using Installous. If you wish to do away with such errors or you just want to try out something new, then AppCake is one of the best Installous alternatives that you can get.

Among all alternatives to Installous, AppCake is most likely the longest-running one. The developers are trying their best to keep the site running and updated. So in terms of stability, AppCake certainly has the upper hand. Unlike vShare however, AppCake is mainly created for English-speaking users. In fact, the user interface of AppCake is very similar to vShare, only purely in English. The apps are sorted by categories and popularity which is always good for app hunters. AppCake also has the distinction of not needing AppSync when installing or running apps.

The repo address for AppCake is:


Unfortunately AppCake, much like Installous, hosts all its cracked IPA downloads in file hosting sites which means that there will be waiting times before you can actually download an app. AppCake is also riddled with ads which could result to an annoying user-experience.

Overall, AppCake is a very solid Installous alternative that's worth considering.

3. iFunbox

iFunbox is a 3rd-party used to manage, browse, transfer and manage files for iOS devices for Windows / Mac which have gained a good amount of popularity over time as a solid alternative to Installous. With Installous 5 not being fully compatible with iOS 6, iFunbox has become the go-to solution for users who don't want to deal with the buggy experience of using Installous on iOS 6 / 6.0.1.

iFunbox is now currently on version 2.0 which boasts a new enhanced user-interface which makes app management and installation a whole lot easier than previous versions. Other than your apps, you can even manage your other files like Photos, Music and Videos since iFunbox is also a general file manager. However, there is a clear evidence that iFunbox highly emphasizes on app installation. You can also use the software for discovering apps to be used for your iPhone. Apps are sorted in different categories like price, new apps, top paid and free apps, there are even special features like the top Christmas apps or top apps for runners.

There is just a misnomer with iFunbox that says "no jailbreak needed." Actually, in order to ideally use iFunbox, you will need to have a working version of AppSync. Of course, to have access to AppSync, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device. Sure, you don't need to be jailbroken to install apps which you have bought (with IPA files), but it is a different story when you want to run cracked apps. However with Hackulous shutting down, you won't be able to download AppSync using conventional means.

TIP: You can download AppSync from other Cydia sources like Insanelyi.

Download iFunbox for Mac

And there you have it folks, the best Installous alternatives that we can find as of now. If you are rather down with the news of Hackulous shutting down, you will be happy to know that there are in fact existing alternatives to Installous. Give these apps a spin and see how you like it. If you have another alternative that is not featured in this post, please do sound off in the comments section and we will be updating the post accordingly if the information is good.


TRApple is not affiliated with any app or websites that are featured in this post. We also don't condone or encourage app piracy. TRApple will not be held responsible for any damage caused by using any of these featured apps and websites, so please use them at your own risk. This blog post is posted for the sake of information and entertainment only. With that said, if you found an app that your really like, support the developers and buy it from the App Store. You know the deal.

(Source: Patrick Gumban)


17 Jan 2019 - 03:03

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