NEW: Performance Reference Handbook for the Boeing 737 now available as iPad app!


After first being released as hardcopy and later on as iBook, the Performance Reference Handbook for the Boeing 737 by Captain Maurits Hulshof is now available as iPad app! The all new and up-to-date B737 PRH app is an invaluable (electronic) reference guide for professional airline pilots flying the Boeing 737. It makes complex performance issues of big jets understandable and fun.

  1. Find it in the iTunes store as an iPad app
  2. Find it in the iTunes store as an iBook
  3. There is a paper version available too

An excellent handbook which finally simplifies big jet performance. Easy to understand, fun to use.

UK firm behind MH370 breakthrough

MH370 search

"This is cutting-edge modelling, never tried before. They've probably crammed almost a year's worth of scientific research into maybe a couple of weeks"

The revelation that flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean is based on new analysis by UK investigators and the British satellite firm Inmarsat, Malaysia's prime minister has said.

Boeing 747 - National Geographic Megafactories

Boeing 747 Documentary (National Geographic Megafactories) - a documentary on the queen of the skies the boeing 747

Beautiful B777 Paper aeroplane.

Paper B777

Looking at the pictures of Luca Iaconi-Stewart ’s 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777 jetliner it’s hard to disagree. The project is five years in the making (by comparison Boeing takes 50 days to build the actual plane) with each piece of the 777 cut out from manila folders and assembled by hand, using just tweezers and dabs of glue.

B747 gestrand door te korte startbaan

B747 Dreamlifter

Een Boeing-747 Dreamfilter heeft voor een hoop opschudding gezorgd in het Amerikaanse Wichita. Het toestel landde per ongeluk op de luchthaven van Wichita en kon daar niet meer weg, omdat de startbaan te kort was.

De luchtverkeersleiding gaf de piloten woensdagavond plaatselijke tijd toestemming om te landen op de grotere luchthaven McConnell.

Ryanair fined over hidden online booking costs for Dutch travellers

Ryanair red hot fares

Irish low-budget airline Ryanair has been fined 370,000 euros ($A356,000) by the Netherlands Consumer Authority for hidden costs associated with tickets purchased online by Dutch travellers.

Norwegian is looking for B787 Captain's

Norwegian Dreamliner B787

On behalf of Norwegian Long Haul A/S we are looking for Captains to fly Norwegian's new B787 Dreamliners. The ideal candidate is a current B777 Captain. This is a great opportunity to Captain the B787 Dreamliner.

Screenings are to be held in Oslo in March, July and August 2013.

Ryanair signs deal for 175 new B737's

Ryanair O'leary

Ryanair on Tuesday announced a USD$15.6 billion order for 175 Boeing 737s in a deal that would allow the Irish airline to consolidate its position as Europe's dominant low-cost carrier.

The order for the 737NGs keeps Ryanair as one of the few remaining all-Boeing airlines, after Lion Air of Indonesia switched to Airbus on Monday in a USD$24 billion mega-order.

Can Tesla fix Boeing's B787 BATT Problem?

B787 Dreamliner battery

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors (you know, the guys that build the awesome Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S) has offered to help Boeing fix the battery issues facing the 787 Dreamliner. It's a strange pairing, the CEO of an auto company and an aviation giant, but it may not be as crazy as it seems on the surface.

Boeing 787 Farnborough 2012 Display

The debut display from the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the colours of Qatar Airways at Farnborough International Air Show 2012.


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